Light Rail Noise Solutions

Acoustiblok® Rail & Mass Transit Noise Solutions

Light Rail Noise Solutions
Light Rail Noise Solutions
Light Rail Noise Solutions
Light Rail Noise Solutions
Light Rail Noise Solutions
Light Rail Noise Solutions
Light Rail Noise Solutions

Light Rail Noise Solutions

Light Rail Noise Solutions

Acoustical Real-Time Video Imaging System

Acoustiblok now offers our customers the “Acoustical Real-Time video Imaging System™”. The acoustical camera allows us to “see” sound in real-time (as you would “see” thermal contours with an infrared FLIR camera). We can measure the intensity and overall frequency content of the noise and its reflections. We can visually identify the direction, source and frequency spectrum of the noise.

This provides us with an extremely powerful tool.  We have the capability to immediately address noise problems with a very high degree of confidence. Which saves an incalculable amount of time and money. This new technology will revolutionize the science of sound abatement.



Sound Transit Authority’s Justin Garrod is the project manager for the Link Rail System in Seattle. He was called upon to find a solution to the high noise level that exceeded federal standards and dramatically affected the area resident’s quality of life.

After researching and trying other methods, Garrod and his staff discovered AcoustiFence.  This product provides a perfect solution because it is comprised of a unique sound deadening material. At only 1/8 of an inch thick, it not only blocks sound, but at very low frequencies it can also absorb sound. You can mount it easily to virtually any structure using the brass grommets on the edges.

All Weather Sound Panels®

Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels were used to resolve a significant noise problem on a new rail line in Washington, DC.  These panels not only block the sound but also absorb virtually all noise.  Unlike a solid material barrier wall, which reflects the wheel noise back to the car and over the top of the wall.

The panels were easily attached using stainless steel U-bolts to an existing railing. This eliminated the need for a very expensive reflective concrete barrier.


Acoustiblok Membrane®

When the plans were drawn for an office at a Union Pacific Diesel Shop, no one knew how to solve the acoustical problems the trains posed for the office.  Not only were the trains very loud, the vibrations were intense throughout the structure.

They selected Acoustiblok and we calculated the correct amount of material and specified the areas to cover.  The contractors were amazed with the effectiveness of Acoustiblok.  “They cannot hear the air handlers, much less the diesel locomotives.”

Adding just 1/8 of an inch layer of Acoustiblok to a standard stud wall can reduce more sound than 12 inches of poured concrete.  Acoustiblok is the environmentally friendly replacement for lead, with virtually the same acoustical specifications.

About Acoustiblok®

Acoustiblok, a NASA Spinoff listed company, has been providing innovative noise solutions and products throughout the world for over 20 years. So revolutionary, the material itself won the award for sound abatement in the British House of Commons.

The company is very unique in that not only do we provide acoustical and vibration consulting using the most advanced diagnostic equipment, but also develop and manufacture custom products as needed for optimum noise control.

The main products we provide are manufactured in-house here in the U.S. with all U.S. materials and are thoroughly tested at independent certified acoustical and U.L. labs.

Industrial acoustical and vibration consulting/engineering services are available through us in the US as well as internationally. Our diagnostic equipment includes the latest in technology including the “Acoustical Real-Time Video Imaging System™ (which actually allows you to see sound), the CADNA-A 3-D acoustical modeling software, as well as a full complement of Norsonic infield test apparatus.

Light Rail Noise Solutions

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