Acoustiblok Installation Accessories

Acoustiblok Installation Accessories

Acoustiblok provides a number of accessory products. These work in conjunction with our primary product lines to facilitate their proper installation.  Below are images and descriptions of a number of these accessory products.

Acoustigrip – Tape (AGT-60)

AGT-60 is the model for a portion of our bonding system. This is a 2” wide tape with a proprietary adhesive that is formulated to maintain adhesion to our Blok 16 and Blok 32 isolation material. This is used in conjunction with our AC-10 and AC-28 Acousticaulk sealant. AGT-60 & Acousticaulk are required for an Acoustiblok sound reduction system installation. Product details are below:

Roll Size : 2” x 180’, 2.0 mil thick

Data: U.L recognized & CSA accepted

Storage Temp.: Store at a min. 70°f

Acoustiblok Installation Accessories

Acousticaulk – Sound Sealant (AC-10 & AC-28)

Acousticaulk is a portion of our bonding system. Available as AC-10, (a 10 oz. residential tube) and AC-28, (a 28 oz. commercial tube), our sealant is formulated to create a sustainable, flexible bond between two layers of Blok 16 & Blok 32 isolation material.This prevents air leaks and air gaps in our sound barrier. Acousticaulk may also be used to create a seal between Acoustiblok and metal, plastic, glass and other types of construction materials. Acousticaulk remains soft, malleable and generally resilient. This aids in reducing flanking transmissions from vibrational energy present in ridged materials. Product details are below:

10 oz. tube: AC-10 (approx. coverage, 25’ @ 1/4” bead)

28 oz. tube: AC-28 (approx. coverage, 65’ @ 1/4” bead)

Color: White

Tack-free time: < 25 minutes

Shrinkage, ASTM C-733-87: 28%

U.L. Class: R9732; UL723

Fire Rated: Non-Flammable

Sustainability: Non-hardening, no migration, non-staining

Clean up: Soap & water

Acoustiblok Installation Accessories

AcoustiBond – Fast Cure Adhesive (FCA-10)

FCA-10 is a very unique, specific formulation used to permanently adhere or laminate Acoustiblok to wood, metal and several other types of materials. FCA-10 is not a contact cement. It is waterproof and tacks very quickly. Drying time is dependent on exposure to oxygen. Edges of treatment areas will set up quicker then the inside. 100% cure time is about 24 hrs as long as air is exposed to the entire treatment area.

Product details are below:

10 oz. tube

Color: Black

Tack free time: < 5 minutes ( 77º, 50% humidity)

Resistivity: ozone, UV & freeze-thaw conditions

Application Prep: Clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol 91% or Acetone

Military Spec: MIL-A-46106, Type 1

FDA Status: Once fully cured, permitted incidental contact with food.

Acoustiblok Installation Accessories

AcoustiPutty – Acoustical Fire Seals (PPD-7)

PPD-7 is the model for our putty pads. They are essential in sealing off wall, ceiling and floor assemblies that have electrical penetrations. These moldable 7” x 7” pads are easily wrapped around the back of any electrical box before your assemblies gets closed up. They seal off any small air gapes as well as increasing the STC of the penetration.

Product details are below:

Size: 7” x 7” x 1/8” (18cm x 18cm x 30mm)

Color : Terracotta

ASTM E-84, UL 723 Tunnel Test

     Flame Spread: 5

     Smoke Index: 15

STC Rating: 49 (tested in accordance with ASTM E-90-97)

Asbestos Fillers: None

Water Soluble: No

Solids: 100%

Intumescence Activation: Expansion begins at 220°F (104°C)

Specific Gravity: 1.48G/CC

Application: By hand

Cure Time: N/A as product is effective immediately on application

Acoustiblok Installation Accessories
Acoustiblok Installation Accessories

Acoustipad – Carpet Underlayment (AP435)

AP435 is the carpet underlayment we recommend to isolate Acoustiblok from a subfloor. This will allow our isolation material, Blok 16 or Blok32, to remain decoupled to reduce structural flanking of sound transmissions. This helps increase the STC of the entire floor assembly. The second advantage can be an increase of IIC, impact isolation from foot fall within a floor/ceiling assembly.

Product details are below:

Size: 4’ x 35’ (140 sq. ft.)

Weight: 9 lbs

Material: Closed cell polyethylene

Acoustiblok Installation Accessories

AcoustiWool – Wood Floor Underlayment (WF0.125)

AW325 & AW30MB are designed for use beneath hardwood, laminate, and engineered wood floors. Used for wood floor installations only, on concrete or wood sub-floors beneath Acoustiblok Blok16 & Blok32. AW-WF0.125 works to decouple and isolate the top floor surface from the subfloor. The 1/8” thick wool composite is lightweight, flexible and easy to work with. AW-WF0.125 is available with or without a moisture barrier laminated to the bottom. Both have an antimicrobial treatment to prevent mold growth, extremely resilient, sustainable, and won’t break down like the air pockets in foam types of underlayment.

Product details below:

Size: 6’ x 325’ (1950 sq. ft.) or 3’ x 33.3’ (99.9 sq. ft.)

Weight: 130lbs. or 15lbs.

Color: Light Grey

Acoustiblok Installation Accessories

AcoustiWool – Tile Floor Underlayment (TF0.11)

TFO.11 is a unique blend and balance of 85% recycled fibers, creating an isolation underlayment to be coupled with Blok 16 & Blok 32. Specifically engineered to use beneath tile, marble and other rigid floor surfaces. The fibrous substrate has been treated with an antimicrobial treatment to prevent mold & mildew growth. Acoustiblok floor assemblies have been Robinson Floor tested and rated “Residential” by the “Tile Council of North America”.

Product details are below:

Roll Size: 3’ x 33.3’ (100 Sq. Ft.)

Weight: 939gm/m2

Thickness: 0.11” (+/- 5%)

Tensile Strength: (L) 35.6kg,

Acoustiblok Material Roll Dispenser

Use this roll dispenser to easily reel out Acoustiblok material.  The safest and most reliable way to roll out, measure, and cut Acoustiblok, is to place the rolls on a pair of adjustable steel jack stands.  Includes custom steel spindle made specifically to work with all roll sizes of Acoustiblok.  Capacity up to 2,000 lbs.

Acoustiblok Installation Accessories
Acoustiblok Installation Accessories

If you have questions about any Acoustiblok products, just fill out and submit the contact from below and a representative will get back to you.  If your need is urgent, feel free to give us a call at 813-980-1400.

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