STC57 Rated Wall Assembly 2

Steel Stud Wall w/Two Layers of Acoustiblok

The 3D model illustrates a steel stud wall assembly with two layers of Acoustiblok, rated STC57 in acoustical testing.

STC57 Steel Stud Wall Assembly w/Two Layers Assembly

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[canvasio3D width=”1200″ height=”900″ border=”0″ borderCol=”transparent” dropShadow=”0″ backCol=”#ffffff” backImg=”” mouse=”on” rollMode=”off” rollSpeedH=”0″ rollSpeedV=”0″ objPath=”stc57ss_2x” texturPath=”” objScale=”30″ objColor=”” lightSet=”1″ reflection=”off” refVal=”0″ objShadow=”off” floor=”off” floorHeight=”42″ lightRotate=”off” Help=”off”] [/canvasio3D]

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