Acoustiblok Product Assemblies

Acoustiblok has invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars over the years to test our products in various wall, and floor and ceiling assemblies. Acoustiblok, when installed properly, has delivered superior results when compared with untested and unrated assemblies available in the market. Because of Acoustiblok’s proprietary formulation it is approved (classified) for more U.L. rated construction assemblies (over 300) than any other sound abatement product.

Acoustiblok Sound Isolation Material has been extensively tested acoustically by independent accredited facilities, within many different wall and floor/ceiling configurations. Laboratory tests provide an accurate baseline of performance repeatability for project installations. Acoustiblok’s proprietary formulation and manufacturing process controls are regularly monitored by U.L. Labs to assure consistent product performance.

Acoustiblok has performed extended frequency testing of its wall assemblies to provide an accurate “real world’ performance reference. STC ratings are established based upon transmission losses of frequencies only between 125 and 4000 Hz. This test specification was established long ago to cover basic vocal ranges. Todays lifestyles of higher density living, modern electronics, and other factors show that this limited test does not provide an accurate indication of the assemblies’ effectiveness in present day living. The company has completed extended frequency testing that showed that Acoustiblok provided a 23db reduction at 40 Hz, in a standard single stud assembly with only one layer of Acoustiblok.

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