Union Pacific Believers

Acoustiblok® Union Pacific Diesel Shop Noise Reduction Project

When the plans were drawn for an office at the Diesel Shop, no one knew how to solve the acoustical nightmare the trains posed for the office. Not only were the trains very loud, the vibrations were intense throughout the structure. We selected Acoustiblok and depended greatly on the their expertise to solve the noise problem. Not only did they calculate the correct amount of material, but suggested the areas to cover. When the material arrived, the contractors were skeptical it would work. We are all “Believers” now. Even the contractors are amazed with the effectiveness of Acoustiblok. We cannot hear the air handlers, much less the diesel trains. Needless to say, we will install Acoustiblok in our future projects. It really works!

Sidney Thompson
Union Pacific Railroad
Diesel Shop
Chicago, IL

Union Pacific Believers

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