Acoustiblok Wallcover Born

Acoustiblok Wallcover® Created for Home Theater Projects

How was Acoustiblok Wallcover born?  I discovered the Acoustiblok product as I was in the process of remodeling our home theater and was immediately interested in installing it.  However, in the existing basement area, the ceiling and three walls were already framed, insulated, and dry-walled.  After studying Acoustiblok’s recommended application methods at the time, I was disappointed to see that there was really no elegant way to address soundproofing* “finished” walls.

To meet this need, Acoustiblok developed the Acoustiblok Wallcover product, which can be applied directly to finished walls and painted to match any decor…and a new solution was born.

Bill Pieser
Theater in the Home Expert
Boulder, CO


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Acoustiblok Wallcover Born

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