Schell Brothers Love Acoustiblok

Acoustiblok® Windswept Condos Noise Reduction Project

Schell Brothers has an excellent reputation of providing our homeowners with quality construction and excellent customer service. One or our premier projects is the Windswept Condos located in the Peninsula Resort.

Ensuring the Resort’s tranquility and serenity be experienced in each unit, Schell Brothers chose Acoustiblok for noise abatement. We have installed Acoustiblok on the floor joist and walls. As builders we really like how easy the material is installed compared to other products. It is just very heavy! We built an A frame roller system enabling us to buy the master rolls.

Although the project is still under construction, we were amazed that the noise from chop saws, nail guns, compressors and blasts were drastically reduced. Along with our other measures taken to reduce noise, Acoustiblok has provided great results!

Chris Azsec

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Schell Brothers Love Acoustiblok

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