Quiet 1999 Suburban

Acoustiblok® 1999 Suburban Noise Reduction Project

Quiet 1999 Suburban

I Just finished putting my 1999 Suburban back together after installing new carpet and seats, but before I did I installed Acoustiblok under the carpet. Boy am I happy I did, this stuff is incredible.The reason I know I wasn’t imagining the sheer difference in quietness is that my wife agreed. She hated the noise in my old truck and now has no problem driving with me which is great as you don’t get much stuff in a Volvo convertible. I don’t do near as much driving as I used to, which is why I ‘refurbished’ my old suburban but I wish I had done this years ago when I was driving more it would have been much more peaceful and quite. If anyone is reading this thinking about doing their car or trunk my hearty recommendations is Acoustiblok- you will not be disappointed.

Arthur Moore, Principal
AVM Real Estate Services, Inc.

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