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Acoustiblok® Division 7 Noise Reduction Project

Division 7 Insulation

Division 7 Insulation

Here at Division 7 Insulation we pride ourselves in custom thermal and acoustical treatments in a majority of our residential, commercial and multi-family applications. We have found Acoustiblok to be the perfect compliment to many of our customer’s demands for cutting edge performance, especially in the area of sound control. Acoustiblok’s performance has time and again proven to be the leader, especially in our upper end multi-family projects in downtown Vail, CO, where sound engineers on these projects are continually amazed by its versatility and sound deadening characteristics.

In order for us to adhere to the stringent requirements posed by these engineers and contractors, we find ourselves ever developing new and innovative techniques in the application of Acoustiblok. As with any product, if it is not installed properly, the capability of the product diminishes significantly. Although Acoustiblok is rather awkward and cumbersome, with a little practice, it can still be installed to achieve its highest level of performance. With the superior customer service and technical support we receive from the staff at Acoustiblok, we have been able to address and overcome just about any issue that is posed to us.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about noise reduction, regardless of the conditions, whether it be a home theatre all the way up to an industrial application. The knowledgeable staff at Acoustiblok is there to serve.

Pete Coldagelli
Division 7
Silverthorne Colorado

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