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Plumbing Noise

Plumbing Noise

Ever hear the sound of rushing water coming from the wall behind the shower? What about the sound of a lavatory flushing upstairs? Maybe it’s the clickety clack of pipes under the floor in the basement. Whatever it is, Acoustiblok has solutions for your plumbing noise.

Acoustiblok (Blok16) is great to isolate pipe chases in your walls. Just install blok16 over both sides of the stud bay’s where the shower feeds, drain pipes, or any pipes may run and silence them forever. You should also make sure that pipes are isolated from internal framework to prevent forced vibrations into your walls. At the shower location you can also line the pipe stud bay with QuietFiber (QF-2) to absorb more of the sound that could radiate out of this pipe chase. QF-2 is hydrophobic and will not promote mold or mildew if it ever gets wet. 

If you have chattering pipes in the basement Blok16 can easily be used as sound isolating sleeve under your pipe mounts. Just use small pieces of Blok16 to wrap around your pipes at the point of the pipe mounts. This will damp the connection and help prevent the bouncing sound at the clamp locations.  

A combination of Blok 16 and Acoustiwool can be used as an effective pipe wrap or lag. Simply find any pipe that may have noise radiating from it and wrap it with Acoustiwool. Then warp it in the same manner with Blok 16. This isolates Acoustiblok from the vibrational transfer of energy from the pipe and blocks the noise from migrating into your house.

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