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Heat Pump Noise

How about that noise from your mechanical room in the basement, we have the answer. Acoustiblok (Blok16) and QuietFiber (QF-2) are the products you can use to put an end to those bothersome noises that most people think they have to live with. 

Blok16 is our proprietary sound isolation membrane. It comes on a roll, can be cut with a utility knife, and can block 26dB of sound by itself, (varies depending on edge diffraction, flanking paths & installation techniques). Blok16 gives you the critical mass needed in an air tight, extremely flexible barrier solution. Just use it to line the walls of your mechanical room before the drywall goes on. It’s hidden, easy to install, and highly effective at reducing the annoying sounds of your furnace or heat pump. If your mechanical room is already finished you can easily install Acoustiblok Wallcover (AWC). AWC has the sound blocking performance as Blok 16, but you install it like wallpaper, directly on top of your existing drywall. 

If you want more reduction you can easily install some of our QuietFiber (QF-2) in your mechanical room. This material acts like a sponge for noise. It carries an NRC of 1.0 and eliminates any reflection buildup of noise in your mechanical room.

So remember you don’t have to live with those annoying noises our parents and grandparents did for years! Please contact us today to speak with a heat pump specialist at Acoustiblok.

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